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First Fandom is not dead, only doddering
First Fandom WorldCon Exhibit
First Fandomís Worldcon Exhibit, Dublin 2019
(Photograph by Maciej Matuszewski)
Founded during Midwestcon on Easter weekend of 1959 to organize the science fiction fans of the golden era and bring back fans who had dropped out of fandom, First Fandom was originally limited to fans active prior to 1938. The first President was Robert A. Madle.

There are several categories for membership in First Fandom. A dinosaur is one who was active in science fiction or fannish activities on or before the First World Science Fiction Convention held over the July 4, 1939, weekend in New York City. Other memberships categories are available.  Anyone who has engaged in correspondence, collecting, conventions, fanzine publishing or reading, writing or participated in a science fiction club for at least 30 years may be eligible for Associate Membership.

First Fandom presents two annual or nearly annual awards: since 1976 the Hall of Fame Award and since 1998, the Sam Moskowitz Archive Award. Most years they are presented at the beginning the Hugo Award ceremony at the World Science Fiction Convention.

First Fandom Awards Presented at Worldcon 79 - August 15, 2019

First Fandomís 2019 Hall of Fame inductee was Ray Faraday Nelson. Bob Shaw, James White and Walt Willis were First Fandomís Posthumous Hall of Fame inductees for 2019. The Sam Moskowitz Archive Award for Excellence in Collecting has been presented to Dr. Bradford Lyau who has been an avid collector for more than fifty years.

The 77th World Science Fiction Convention, Worldcon 77 took place in Dublin, Ireland.


Membership dues are $15 for the new fiscal year, which started on July 1st.
Please send renewal checks (payable to Keith W. Stokes) to Keith at 14305 West 83rd Place, Lenexa, KS 66215. If you are uncertain if you are current, email


Katherine Anne MacLean, (1925 - 2019)
   Katherine Anne MacLean, SFWA Author Emeritus, lecturer and associate member of First Fandom will most likely be remembered as an award-winning American author whose short stories appeared, starting in the late-1940s in Astounding Science Fiction, then in Galaxy, Planet Stories and Analog and later in paperback in Ace Books and DAW Books.

H. Stanley Nuttall (1926 - 2019) 
   Stan Nuttall, early UK fan, was a member and former chairman of the Liverpool Science Fiction Society as well as a member of the British Interplanetary Society who wrote fiction for the club fanzine Space Diversions and, in 1957, was made a Knight of the Order of Saint Fantony at Cytricon III.

Bill Schelly (1951 - 2019)
   William Carl (Bill) Schelly was an author and editor, known as a fan and historian of cinema and comic books.

Bill Schelly was born in Walla Walla, Washington, on November 2, 1951; he died from bone cancer unexpectedly on September 12, 2019.

He edited and published his popular fanzine Sense of Wonder from 1967 until 1972. His autobiography, Sense of Wonder, based upon his writings in this fanzine, was published by TwoMorrows Publishing (2001).

Among the several other books he wrote or edited were The Golden Age of Comic Fandom (Hamster Press, 1995); Comic Fandom Reader (Hamster Press, 2002); Harvey Kurtzman: The Man Who Created Mad and Revolutionized Humor in America (Fantagraphic Books, 2005); Harry Langdon: His Life and Films, second edition (McFarland, 2008); Man of Rock: The Biography of Joe Kubert (Fantagraphic Books, 2008); Founders of Comic Fandom (MacFarland, 2010); and Otto Binder: The Life and Work of a Comic Book and Science Fiction Visionary (North Atlantic Books, 2016). Hamster Press was his own publishing Company.

His American Comic Book Chronicles: The 1950s (TwoMorrows Publishing, 2013) was nominated for a Harvey Award.

He was a member of CAPA-Alpha, wrote a dozen or so introductions for DCís Archives series, and in 1998 became associate editor of Alter Ego, an award-winning comics magazine. He was also a portrait and comic book artist.
In the weeks following his death, he was memorialized by many peers including Leonard Maltin and George R. R. Martin.

(Prepared by Jon D. Swartz, Special Features Editor)

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