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First Fandom is not dead, only doddering
First Fandom WorldCon Exhibit
First Fandom’s Worldcon Exhibit, Dublin 2019
(Photograph by Maciej Matuszewski)
Founded during Midwestcon on Easter weekend of 1959 to organize the science fiction fans of the golden era and bring back fans who had dropped out of fandom, First Fandom was originally limited to fans active prior to 1938. The first President was Robert A. Madle.

There are several categories for membership in First Fandom. A dinosaur is one who was active in science fiction or fannish activities on or before the First World Science Fiction Convention held over the July 4, 1939, weekend in New York City. Other memberships categories are available.  Anyone who has engaged in correspondence, collecting, conventions, fanzine publishing or reading, writing or participated in a science fiction club for at least 30 years may be eligible for Associate Membership.

Each year, First Fandom presents three awards.

The First Fandom Hall of Fame Award
This prestigious achievement award was created in 1963 and has been presented each year to a living recipient who has made significant contributions to SF throughout their lifetime.  The first recipient of this award was E. E. "Doc" Smith (at DisCon I).

The First Fandom Posthumous Hall of Fame Award
This esteemed award was created in 1994 to acknowledge people in SF who should have but did not receive deserved lifetime achievement recognition while they were living.  The first recipient of this award was Gerry de la Ree.

The Sam Moskowitz Archive Award (for excellence in collecting)
Sam assembled one of the world's most complete collections of SF and he organized it so that he could do extensive research.  This award is to recognize not only an impressive collection but also what has actually been done with it.  For example: previous award recipients have published articles and books, made collections available for public viewing, loaned items for other projects and donated material to be preserved for future generations.  The first recipient of this award was Christine Moskowitz.

First Fandom Awards Presented at Worldcon 79 - 2021

First Fandom’s 2021 Hall of Fame inductee was the late William F. Nolan. Richard and Pat Lupoff were First Fandom’s Posthumous Hall of Fame inductees for 2021. The Sam Moskowitz Archive Award for Excellence in Collecting has been presented to Kevin L. Cook.


Membership dues are $15 for the new fiscal year, which started on July 1st.
Please send renewal checks (payable to Keith W. Stokes) to Keith at 14305 West 83rd Place, Lenexa, KS 66215. If you are uncertain if you are current, email


Erle Melvin Korshak (1923-2021)
   Erle Melvin Korshak was a prominent SF fan-turned-pro starting in the mid-1930s. He went to Nycon and the 1939 World’s Fair. He was a committee member for Chicon (1940) and TASFiC (1952). He was a WWII veteran, a graduate of the University of Chicago and a successful lawyer. Attended each of the first 15 Worldcons. Founder of Shasta: Publishers. Elected First Fandom Hall of Fame, 1996. First Fandom’s International Vice-President, 2014.

Ed Meskys (1936-2021)
   Ed Meskys was a highly-regarded SF fan for more than 65 years. He was a longstanding member of numerous fan groups, including First Fandom, ESFA, N3F, NESFA, SAPS, Metrofen, The Little Men and others. He was a co-founder of Tolkein fandom and editor/publisher of the enduring and Hugo Award-winning fanzine NIEKAS. His steady presence and participation is already missed.

Michelle L. Zellich (1948-2021)
   Michelle L. Zellich was a life-long and highlyregarded science fiction fan, beloved wife for more than thirty-two years of husband Richard Zellich and a mother, grandmother and greatgrandmother. “She served for several years as chair for Archon, then ran their Art Show for several more years, while serving on their corporate board, and was a driving force of a group that tried twice to bring the worldcon to St. Louis. Michelle was the long-standing President of the St. Louis SF Society” and an associate member in good standing of the organization of First Fandom. She was strong and loving, and had a natural gift of hospitality and a real talent for getting things done right.

For more details about First Fandom contact President John L. Coker III at
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